Our story starts in 2007, when two friends and their Belgian and Argentinian fathers decided to start a place where they could share their passion for steak and wine. We have merged our love for the Belgian steak-frites and the Argentinian barbecue called “Asados”. They were combined with the standards of excellence of  Belgian cuisine, to offer you, a varied menu of simple and tasty food. We have put emphasis on the quality of the raw materials and on the respect of the products.

With our team, also wine passionates, you will discover our favourites. On top of perfectly grilled steaks, you will enjoy, sparingly, great and moderately priced wines.

Discover our meat

The meat you will enjoy is from British breeds raised in the Argentinian Pampas. We have chosen the best cuts from tightly selected grass fed beef, mainly from Black Angus. Compared to the other breeds you can find on your plate in Belgium, those Argentinian raised animals provide far tastier albeit smaller cuts.

The beef we serve is fresh and has aged for at least 3 weeks in a very controlled environment.

We propose in our menu 3 major cuts:  the filet – tenderloin or “Lomo”, lean and tender with a delicate flavour, the sirloin – striploin or “Bife Angosto”, tender, juicy and recognisable by its little fat crust, and the ribeye – cube-roll or “Bife Ancho”, delicately marbled and with a full bodied flavour.

We also propose a slow grilled and tasty flank or medialuna de vacio.

We don’t recommend too deep cooking for the lean cuts such as the filet. Their lower fat content and high temperature make them loose a lot of their qualities.

Our staff will gladly help you with your choices of both cuts and doneness.

Our wine list

We would define our wine list as an eclectic one. It’s made of our favourites. When it was prepared, we have put emphasis on novelty and on value for money. We focused on the Argentinian malbecs but there are also some surprises and discoveries. Wines by the glass were also very carefully selected.

Meet Meat Schuman

Time table

Monday till Friday  12:00-14:30 and 19:00-22:00

Saturday, Sunday closed


124 rue Stevin

1000 Brussels


Phone: +32 (0)2 231 07 42