The current menus of Meet Meat

By clicking on the links below, you can view the current menu and wine list for each restaurant. As we work with fresh products, we adapt our menus to reflect the seasons and the market.

We serve almost the same dishes in both restaurants but there are some small differences.

The obvious difference is the language used: the first language of Meet Meat Schuman’s menu is English and for Uccle it is French.

Menu 2020 03 Uccle 02032020

Menu 2020 02 Schuman 01022020

2 thoughts on “The current menus of Meet Meat

    • Manager Meet Meat Reply

      Dear Marc, our menu only slightly changes reason why we upload the new menu’s every trimester.
      You will find the correct menus on the website now.

      Have a nice day,
      Beste regards,

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