Our steak house menu gets a new twist

Since mid-October, not only we have changed our menu format but also introduced some new exciting dishes such as a pepper steak.

Regulars of our restaurants will have certainly noticed that we have abandoned our square-hard-cover food and drinks menu and replaced it by a journal like one. On one side the food and on the other our extensive wine list.

Our great Argentinian traditional beef steaks are still in the headline but we have added some interesting and tasty developments. A roasted marrow bone as starter can now be followed by the pepper and garlic butter steak and you should consider finishing your meal with the Copa Argentina.

Our new pepper steak dish is a 350g ribeye that when half cooked, is flipped over and rubbed with crushed pepper and topped by garlic butter.

The Copa Argentina is a special dish for sweet tooth: one scoop of dulce de leche ice cream on top of dulce the leche and a shot of old rum.

On the wine side, we are continuously looking for interesting and affordable wines. Even, if we have a large selection of Argentinian wines, our choice is fairly eclectic and maybe sometimes surprising. All were carefully selected. A dozen wines were elected to be offered by the glass, these are fairly representative of their region and their grapes.

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