A nice way to conclude a meal…

Des rhums de la Barbade, de la Martinique, du Pérou...


It’s traditional to end a meal with a digestif. Even if serious scientific studies have shown that liqueurs and spirits don’t improve the way to digest a meal, there is no reason why one shouldn’t enjoy a nice glass of some sort of brandy and enjoy a good time.

We at Meet Meat, have chosen to look at special rums. We have made some great discoveries and we will be happy to share them with you.  For example, we have tasted an extra old rum from Martinique, a 12-year-old rum from the Barbados, one from Guatemala and one from Peru.

As one would expect, we recommend moderation and that you drink sensibly… only the best. Be prudent if you must drive home and in doubt ask someone else to take the wheel.

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